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Learn more about marijuana revenue and see why very little marijuana revenue goes to education.

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The last time voters approved additional funding for Harrison was the year 2001. This was the same year our high school seniors were born!

YES! This initiative will impact every school and student in Harrison! 

This bond will make sure every Harrison school and classroom is a vibrant place for our kids to learn.

The impact of better schools is felt in every corner of the community.

Neighborhoods with quality schools tend to have higher property values.

Cities with better schools produce a higher quality workforce and are more able to attract good jobs.

Communities with good schools are safer and experience lower crime rates.

Number one, make sure to vote YES when you receive your ballot in October!

Number two, make sure to talk to your friends, family, and neighbors about how important it is to support and vote for our Harrison kids and schools. 

Number three, VOLUNTEER! We’re knocking on doors and making phone calls every day. Join your voice with others in our Harrison community to make sure everyone is supporting our kids!

Colorado is a vote by mail state. If you are a registered voter you will receive a ballot in the mail the week of October 15th. You can fill out your ballot and put it right back in the mailbox, take it to a drop off ballot box, or vote in person at a Voting Service Polling Center.

To learn more about voting or to learn how to register to vote visit

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