vote yes for Harrison schools.

VOte yes
on 4e!

Our Harrison School District kids haven’t seen significant improvements to their schools since 2001. You have the power to change that. Vote YES on 4E by November 6th to give our Harrison kids the schools they deserve.


voting yes on 4e MAKES A DIFFERENCE

Our schools are the heart and soul of our Harrison community. On November 6th, 2018, you can vote to support our Harrison students and to invest in their future.

New technology supports learning and prepares our kids for a fast-paced world.

Our kids deserve safe, maintained buildings and updated classrooms.

Our kids deserve to learn from the best and brightest teachers. 

Safe and vibrant classrooms create an inspiring learning environment.

Schools are the home base of our neighborhoods. They bring us together.

Strong schools attract new employers and develop our future workforce. 

We want to hear from you!

We want to make sure all your questions are answered! Read our FAQ to learn about what folks are asking the most, but send us a note with the questions you have about Harrison’s bond plan!

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