Maintain our schools

How do we keep our schools beautiful and modern?

Our schools are just like our homes. They require routine maintenance and upgrades to make sure they stay in great shape. Unfortunately, due to funding cuts at the state level it has become increasingly difficult for school districts to stay up to date on maintenance and classroom improvements. Voting YES on 4E is a local solution to help our Harrison schools.

Schools are the doorstep of our community and beautiful well-kept schools are the first impression folks have of our community.

Better funding will help:

  • Provide critical repairs to dated buildings
  • Stay on top of routine maintenance
  • Responsibly modernize our schools and classrooms
Together, we can give our Harrison kids the great schools they deserve. When you receive your ballot by mail, make sure to vote YES on 4E!

Other ways Harrison schools will be impacted

Keep clicking to learn more about how better funding for our schools will impact our community and our kids.

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